A news strip “runs” from the television wall on the ceiling all the way to the head of the bed.


Memories of travelling inspired Michal Kunc in the concept for both of his rooms. White box with the number 419 has a News theme and as you can tell from the name, has a white colour scheme.

“The rooms were created together, partially while travelling. Because I travel a lot, I wanted to make my dream come true and do a designer room for the eternal traveller, for globe trotters. The sort of room where I can stop for a moment, get my thoughts together and rest before continuing in my travels.”

“I wanted a light, minimalist design, a sort of traveller’s ‘lab’ where there is nothing superfluous or over-designed,” says Michal Kunc, describing his intention.

He took inspiration from the city streets and places he has been to and also from old magazines. He chose black-and-white graphics designed by Zdeněk Häckl in a “news” style. The news strip with newspaper articles runs from the head of the bed across the ceiling all the way to the opposite wall with the television. This means that after a demanding day, the guest can lie on the bed in the room and read, reflect, remember and travel together with the designer of the room in spirit.

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