In the beginning there was colour. Turquoise. And lots of ideas.


The colour of the room is turquoise. Together with the glass of the hanging decorations, this references crystal-clear water, the main element represented by the bath. Everything revolves around this and also around the colour turquoise, from which the complementary shades of grey-brown are reflected.

The handing glass decorations located along the operating lines or subtly marking the shades of the lighting in individual zones play a major role in perception of the room.

The fixtures and fittings in the space unite the two rooms into one and connect the operational zones.

The materials used are based on waterproof imitation leather. The table is made of two slabs of artificial stone. This material guarantees a clean solution for the edges of objects with an organic shape in places where the facing is exposed. The floor is made up of two coverings – the carpet creates a place of comfort in the bedroom and PVC is practical for wet operation around the bath. The walls, which the eye should not notice, are white. This optically enlarges the space.

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