A screen with pig decoration, a headboard with notches showing the number of orgasms?


“In a standard room, I only combine UAX! designs with retro furnishings. In renovation, I always look for what was left of the original and what can be used in combination with UAX! pictures on chalk walls,” says the architect, providing an insight into his intention.

According to Radek Leskovjan, you don’t need a lot of money to create an original and humorous design. All you need is a little imagination and for example, some of your grandmother’s old furniture. The entrance to the bathroom is impressive, through the original wardrobe with sliding doors. They have black stripes at the bottom, matching the opposite stripes in the bathroom. And even the legs of the retro table.

Drawings were created using a Centropen LINER 2811F marker.

One unique feature is the UAX DESIGN skis by LUSTI, 172 in length with a radius of r16 which guests can borrow. Radek Leskovjan brought the idea of the project manager Šárka Šolcová to life. “When she saw them in my car, she came up with the idea of placing them in the room with the option of borrowing them. Nobody has skis in their room and that is why I wanted them there,” he says, mentioning another atypical feature.

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