The floor in which the room with a balcony is located is without a doubt the closest to the heavens.


“I did not want a designer room full of the trends which surround us wherever we look. I wanted to create an experience, an emotion … another world.”

The chandelier from dazzling which “angelic” feathers then only enhances the atmosphere, thanks to which you can feel as if you are in seventh heaven, at least for a while.

The combination of floor coverings with a face of old wood and silky white colours in the other furniture or bathroom then allow the heavens above to play a starring role, this being the idea behind the whole design in this room.

“I chose a bed with a high slatted headboard and typical plasticity, which evokes a feeling of safety, memories of life in our grandmothers’ houses … of meadows full of moon daisies, corn poppy and bees … but also of that sky blue tin mug full of hot chocolate, which you get into bed with, ideally for the whole day. Nearby, next to the mantelpiece, stands a classic ‘wing chair’ and a coffee table, where you can read your favourite book under a soft tartan blanket.”

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