The literary single room is the second designer room by Vit Janecka.


The literary single room is the work of the architect Vít Janečka. “When I was thinking about how to theme the room, I realised that it should ideally relate to the fact that this is a single room. I imagined the potential guest and it seemed to me that there was a slight danger of “boredom” because such a guest would have no companion with them.”

This idea soon led to the plan for the designer room – to give it peace and dignity. And of course, other atypical aspects. The ceiling on the “literary side” ends in a curve, as does the wardrobe.

The architect placed a bookshelf within reach of the bed where the guest can find the appropriate work and also a chair.

The bathroom is optically connected with the room by a glazed wall and single floor with a wooden mosaic. LED lighting on the level of the ceiling creates interesting effects in the texts written there.

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