A glass wardrobe and chateau-style canopy bed make this room unique.

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A glass wardrobe and chateau-style canopy bed make this room unique.


I wanted the bathroom to be part of the room, for it to be connected visually, not however in an unimaginative way. And part of the intimacy was also preserved without the printing on the glass.

“Just like each and every woman, I too like thinking up combinations of clothes to go out in, and I mostly don’t have enough time to do that. So, I can already have a look at what is in the wardrobe from the bath and choose what to wear.”

Apart from the above-mentioned atypical features, the dominant feature here is the bed. Distinctive, light, in a chateau style thanks to the padding at your back and lowered ceiling which copies the design of the bed and creates a “canopy”. It thus creates an intimate space to sleep but does not close it off.

The surface treatment on the walls behind the bed and into the bathroom is fine plaster. The large headboard behind the bed has a lot of padding, this drawing attention and enhancing the impression of softness of the bed. The brown plaster is coordinated with the large-format floor and wall tiles in the bathroom and meets the floor in the room tone in tone. “I coordinated the overall colour scheme in the room into neutral shades. I like using these in interiors because you can easily complement this base with accessories which can be changed over time or according to your mood, giving the interior a new appearance.

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