Cold materials, ceramics and glass, come across as warm and pleasant in the imaginary world of Karel Novotny.


Space linked by openings and complemented by mirrors gains in openness, yet retains separate zones for hygiene, rest, relaxation and work.

The design objective was to connect the whole of the space with a single floor while preserving a high level of durability and ease of maintenance. “Digital printing technology made it possible to produce ceramic tiles with an absolutely perfect texture.”

The other distinctive interior feature is the spatial mirror – columns which are a practical accessory or reflection of the surrounding area and which create an imaginary world,” explains the academically trained sculptor.

The colour scheme of the fixtures and fittings offers subdued and calm earthy shades. The bathroom is also full of light. “It would be a shame not to allow daylight into the bathroom and that is why I designed two high windows with matte glass for the frontal wall. The room is designed for two guests with the option of separating the beds. When the bathroom is in use, the other guest knows that it is occupied,” says this proponent of a simple, clear and timeless style.

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