The entrance is where the bathroom should be. And vice versa. A room the wrong way round.


The original glass gold-clear mosaic in the bathroom and the designer chandeliers are complemented by a sofa, specially designed for precisely this project.

The whole layout of the room is based on symmetry. The doors to the wardrobe and to the bathroom are located axially along both sides of the room and the bed is located between them, partially set back in an alcove.

The gold-clear mosaic with motifs according to a design by Borek Sipek is also an original work.

This matches the golden yellow painting in the entrance hall. The paint work in the room is light grey, complemented by wallpaper in a similar shade in the alcove behind the bed. The bathroom has white tiles in conventional format. The colours which were chosen make the room even lighter, it enjoying sufficient natural light and impressive views. Views of Jested and the mountain ridge of Jested already open out when entering the entrance hall, views of the surrounding buildings and Javorník in the distance are offered from the room and the bathroom.

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