The basic colours of the room are anthracite, white and purple.

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The basic colours of the room are anthracite, white and purple.

Room 101 is different, yet despite this, it fits into the overall concept of the hotel – with its simplicity which references the very architecture of the hotel building and also with the chosen colours.
Hotel guests can also change the colours themselves to suit their current mood.
A bathroom flooded with light, with a large window which connects the bathroom to the “rest of the world”.
He found inspiration in the complicated floor plan. “I thought about how to connect this space as much as possible. When I was sketching everything into the floor plan, the idea came to me to ‘light up’ those lines stretching across the whole of the space. I ran lines along the ceiling which pass through all parts of the room and which connect the whole space. The main creative feature of the interior was thus created, this also being a purely functional feature as it resolves lighting in the room,” says the designer, describing the interior design. He also allowed the LED strips which adjustable colours to “run” behind the headboard of the bed, thus creating the basis for the unusual atmosphere of the room.

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