Mondrian’s abstract world full of geometric lines, blocks of colour and perfect harmony.


Geometric and clean lines which do not disturb the overall balance of the surfaces are characteristic for room number 319 designed by Nikola Filipová and Markéta Orlová.

Black lines, which the shape of the coat rack and shelves match, clearly define the areas. White or red, blue or yellow both for furniture and also in the small windows lit with LED strips. The colour concept also extends to the bathroom.

Both designers already discovered a penchant for abstract art while studying art history. They were fascinated by the work of Piet Mondrian.

“The colour scheme and simple lines of his pictures are so timeless that we believed we were setting out in the right direction and that we would be able to create a room that each and every visitor would remember, whether they like it to a greater or lesser extent. In any case, it will leave its mark on them. Some people might even learn about this artist for the first time,” say Nikola Filipová and Markéta Orlová, justifying their intention.

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