Inspiration from an icon of the 20th century.

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Inspiration from an icon of the 20th century.


“For me, Jested is a beacon and an inspiration. In addition to that, we are children of the architecture influenced by Brussels 58, which you have a deep personal relationship with,” professes the architect, actor, writer and occasional poet, the academically trained architect David Vávra, designer of the Jested room.

 Karel Hubacek fascinates David Vavra with the Jested project which he designed in 1968. “Remembering Jested, I must also mention the structural engineer Zdeněk Patrman and the interior architect Otakar Binar who was able to introduce a poetic heart into a technical structure. Binar designed everything inside from the radiators, the chairs and the tables, all the way through to the waiter’s pouch, on which the letter J is embroidered.”

“I like natural materials which are able to age – stone, brick and wood.”

The tiles in the bathroom are a loose paraphrasing of the original Jested vertical tiling.

“They had to be cut from square patterns as they are not manufactured. I was impressed by the dedication and quality of the collaborating companies. Atypical rooms such as these are created as a search and the companies joined in with that search process,” says David Vávra in appreciation of the quality of collaboration. The curtains with motifs of the architect’s drawings match the colour of the walls in the room. The same material is used to cover the chairs and armchairs. Jested also provides inspiration for the wooden furniture in the room. The bed and bedside tables bear the characteristic shape of the letter H, as designed by Otakar Binar for the rooms at Jested.

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