Wood makes the room very pleasant and warm, this impression being enhanced by use of the yellow.


Walls transformed into furniture. Cristina Mejia decided to free up the space as much as possible, leaving it free of obstacles.

“While looking for a way to leave the space of the interior free and yet meet all of the required hotel standards, I implemented the idea of transforming the walls into furniture. The walls become a bed, they are transformed into a table, a sofa and a wardrobe.

This furniture makes it possible to use the space in many different ways. To sleep, to relax or to work etc.

The headboard and the bed itself are made from different materials. This does not spoil the impression and everything still comes across as an integrated whole. Just like the floors in the room and the bathroom. These are also from different materials, but the same hint of grey enhances the concept of spatial continuity. Strategic distribution of walls ensures privacy in the bath or in the bathroom as such without the need to use a door. Its job is performed by a wardrobe.

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