Austerity and simplicity are characteristic of a room designed for hunters.


When designing the room, the designers mostly had men in mind: directors, managers, sales representatives and other similar men – hunters.

They tailored the whole concept to suit men like this. “There is basically no furniture in the room, or rather the wooden floor merges into the headboard and the wall cladding, from which bedside tables emerge.”

The simplicity of the room is broken up by hunting decorations. Antlers hang above the bed – a classic hunting trophy spray-painted white, complemented by black-and-white targets. The illuminated bear decoration is extremely eye-catching.

“You have to keep your eye on the prey all the time,” says the architect, and this is why she chose a large window with clear glass allowing a view from the bedroom into the bathroom. The tiles in the bathroom, which include an antique mirror frame, take inspiration from the wallpaper pattern in chateau lounges. Six irregularly repeated types of patterns are used for the tiles. Hunting does get rather wild sometimes.

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