In a glamourous style with typical decorated furniture.

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In a glamourous style with typical decorated furniture.


There is no point looking for conventional a wardrobe here. It has been replaced by a stylish glamour baggage trolley, which serves as a mobile coat rack with storage space in the bottom.

Eye-catching features include the art deco armchair and the side table which has a working clock integrated. “We also chose a single design feature in the same style in the form of a functional cast-iron radiator on legs with ornamental decoration along the whole length of the ribs. Its style has been underlined by ornamental chrome retro valves.”

There is a narrow dividing wall between the bathroom and the “bedroom” which provides interesting viewing options. You can relax or watch television in the hot tub the same as from the bed and the armchair.

Design of the room was accompanied by the idea of combining the legacy of the past with modern features and technologies. “The name of the hotel itself was a decisive factor for the concept of the design and style of the room, reference to the history and style in which the hotel was established, yet at the same time, a modern concept with hi- tech features and technologies,” says the architect who designed the room and recommends it for enjoying a bit of romance. The room is perfect for spending your honeymoon.

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