Variable exhibition space with offering the possibility of completely clearing your head.


The basis of the room is neutral, subdued. Barbora Sacher has allowed graphics to come to the forefront and has chosen timeless, elegant furnishings and colours ranging from white and various shades of brown, all the way through to grey and has tended rather to play with textures.

The rotating bed in the middle of the room and the whole concept dominate the room with reproductions on the walls (photos by Jan Černý aka Blacker94 and pastels by Blanka Brožová). These were in fact the decisive factor in the atypical choice of location for the bed. From the one side, it has a desk which can be used as the headboard and also provide support while watching television and from the other, a television panel.

The design specification included the possibility of seasonal alteration of the room. It is thus easy to change the pictures by artists which the designer chooses herself.

Anybody who wants to have absolute peace can hide the graphics by drawing the curtains which have LED backlighting. The Gallery Room can thus provide the visitor an intense artistic experience or cut them off from the world and provide them absolute peace. Curtains can also be used to hide the glazed bathroom and provide more privacy.

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