Snow-capped hills, a fresh “corduroy” pattern on the slope.


Marika Tafatová associates Liberec and the Jizera Mountains with skiing. This is why the room is furnished in a simple manner, in natural colours, with light wood and a stone décor.

The headboard of the bed is a dominant feature in the room, creating a silhouette of Ještěd with its famous hotel and television tower. The silhouette is given a special atmosphere by the headboard, backlit with a LED strip in which guests can choose the colour according to their mood, the same as elsewhere in the hotel.

The interiors of the hotel and Ještěd television tower dating back to 1973 are commemorated in the room designed by Marika Tafatová by the armchair and the bedside table.

“While creating the layout, I wanted to ensure that the guest would be able to use the whole space sufficiently with plenty of daylight. This is why the room is partially connected to the bathroom by a glass wall which optically expands the space, allows more light in and allows for a view of the balcony from the room. The bathroom becomes another part of the living space designed for relaxation,” says the designer, describing her work.

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