Hollywood. The world lies at your feet.

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Hollywood. The world lies at your feet.


After an exhausting day filming, the film diva wants to find some peace and quiet and a little comfort backstage. She wants to be immersed in luxury and to be pampered. The hotel guest also wants to feel like that.

The room designers stylised the room in the spirit of black-and-white film. This monotone look, or rather lack of colour, has been intentionally livened up with gold.

The plaster in the bathroom, the armchairs and the curtains are gold. The chair by the desk is a work chair – a director’s chair.

A spot light lights up the walls with posters showing iconic items from films, hotel guests can argue about which ones. And films – they can be played while resting on the canopy bed. Over the headboard of the double bed is large-format photo wallpaper, on which a view of the Hollywood Hills spreads out before the hotel guests. The day begins and ends in the “great big world” of film stars.

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