Beautiful countryside and “harsh” conditions for life.

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Beautiful countryside and “harsh” conditions for life.


Designer room 202 is a loose parallel with the city which the guest will become acquainted with during their stay. Ondřej Plašil sees Liberec as a city with beautiful countryside and also “harsh” conditions for life.

The minimalist design concept is based on an angular floor plan shape of large, partially movable wooden surfaces creating the functional corners of the room. The two levels of the interior communicate with their user. The room can work as an open space with its fixtures and fittings, or can be completely closed off from its surroundings, thus creating a peaceful internal environment.

The design uses a contrasting combination of the decorative grain of the plywood facing with the rawness of prefabricated joints, austere lighting, stylish seats and a curtain wall. All in black.

Conventional hotel furnishings such as the bed, bedside table, wardrobe, desk, minibar and bathroom are covered in wooden cladding.

These basic building blocks in room 202 can be used by the visitor according to his or her mood.

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