To protect you and minimize the possibility of transmitting nie tylko Covid 19, we have prepared the following measures:

 In the hotel lobby you will find an automatic kiosk, which you can use to make a reservation, check-in, check-out, or e.g. to pay for the minibar. You will avoid standing in line at the reception, contact with other guests and you can handle everything comfortably whenever you want.

 For convenience, we have also introduced the possibility of check-in and check-out using the mobile application "Alfred". You can check in from the comfort of your home or on your way to the hotel. You don't have to spend your time at the reception at all. At the end of your stay, you can leave your room keys or room card on the work desk in your room. You can check out at the kiosk or in the mobile application "My Alfred" and if for any reason you do not make it by 12:00, we will automatically perform it for you and send you a tax document, including consumption from the minibar, by email.

Both options are very simple and intuitive to use. Of course, we are ready to help you at any time.

 At all entrances to the hotel, restaurant and reception you will find a definition on hand. We use disinfectant soap and disposable paper towels in public toilets. All our employees wear a veil and regularly wash their hands with antibacterial soap.

 In your room, everything has been carefully wiped with a disinfectant cleaner to prevent any transmission of viruses and bacteria from previous guests.

 We have removed press and promotional materials and stationery from the rooms, which guests often touch.

 All common areas of the hotel are disinfected several times a day, including door handles, elevator buttons, restaurant tables, reception, room cards, etc.

 Twój pokój jest sprzątany na żądanie. Prosimy o kontakt z recepcją hotelu. Usługa ta jest wliczona w cenę pokoju.


Please use the drapes in all common areas of the hotel, with the exception of sitting at a table in a restaurant and keeping a safe distance between guests. If you forget your veil, do not hesitate to contact the hotel reception.

We would like to assure you that the safety of our guests is an absolute priority for us.

I believe that together we will manage this difficult situation and soon return to normal operation.

I wish you a pleasant stay in our hotels.

Lukáš Pytloun

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