Cafe Imperial

The bar in the stylishly designed Café Imperial has a brand new premium alcoholic and soft drink menu. It contains high-quality domestic or international wines, and wide variety of premium matured rum, gin, and blended as well as single malt whisky. Also on offer are other quality alcohols such as French cognac, Mexican tequila, Moravian slivovitz, and plenty others.

We are also offering a unique set of cocktails to refresh and pump you up – we are aware that you will not have come here just for the taste, but to fully enjoy the [not only] Saturday night fever too!

For that purpose there is a large selection of music for you to choose from – the party is yours to enjoy and it's our belief that you will be satisfied: be it sweet jazz or fresh funky, deep house or easy chill-out, all that is here for you and you only. Speaking of music, we have decided to dedicate some of the nights to various genres provided by various DJs – follow us on to be sure not to miss just the party of your taste. 

The bar is open Wednesday to Saturday from 5pm to 2am – but the party's not over till it's over!

For special occasions the Café Imperial premises can be separated from the hotel lobby by a sliding wall and thus create a self-contained space with private sanitary facilities. Such space is perfectly fit for wedding parties and similar events for 30 or – when used in combination with the adjacent VIP Lounge – 60 participants. Located on a mezzanine, the lounge offers a great view of the bar itself through a glass wall. Also adjoining the bar area is the Grand hall's dance floor for up to 160 persons – all in all this combo fits up to 220 party people!

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